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Description:This class is an introduction to music.The purpose of the class will be to broaden each individualís knowledge and appreciation for many varieties of music and to increase musical perception beyond current bias and personal taste.The emphasis will be on developing listening skills and an understanding of the role of music in our culture.


Rationale:Music is an integral part of our culture and of past societies. The ability to recognize the various functions of music and the roles that musical forms play will enable students to appreciate music.


Objectives-- The student will be able to:


Cross-references to Show-Me Standards


Distinguish among the various forms of music that exist

FA 1; 1.6

Differentiate among the various functions of music (ceremonial, sacred, secular, and folk music)

FA 5; 1.6

Recognize the various roles of music in society

FA 5; 2.4

Describe the historical, social, and cultural context of selected types of music (Renaissance, Baroque, classical, romantic, country, Civil War, big band, swing, jazz/blues/gospel, WWII, ragtime, rock 70ís and 80ís, 1960ís protest, rhythm and blues, musicals)

FA 5; 2.1

Identify artists that are representative of various time periods

FA 5; 1.10

Examine music in relation to other forms of expression, including art, religion (in the time of church music over secular) and politics

FA 4; 1.5

Identify assigned musical works by composer and the title

FA 5; 1.6

Identify and define musical terms

FA 3